European Linen Bread Bag

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Storing your bread in linen bread bags helps keep your bread fresh for a longer period of time. Because linen is a natural fiber, it allows the bread to breathe. Mold growth occurs quicker when there is a lack of airflow and stale, dry bread is the result of dehydration.  Linen is naturally anti-microbial which is important for use in the kitchen. These bags are very versatile; in addition to storing bread, they are great for storing other pantry items, organizing closets, or disguising toiletry items in a basket. 

Our bread bags are made of 100% pure luxury stonewashed linen that is produced using locally grown flax from Belarus, which is in the Eastern region of Europe. The quality of these bags does not go unnoticed. They are finished with a double drawstring for cinching & hanging. 

Stonewashed linen is also known as laundered linen which means that it has been washed and tumbled dry thus increasing the softness, texture & absorbency. Due to being stonewashed, these linens will not shrink. 

Care Instructions:

machine washable (no special settings & no need to iron)


12" W x 18" L