Olive Oil French Soap

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Marseille France has been known for its soap since at least 1688. There are only four soap factories in France that are still producing soap using traditional methods of soap making and are considered to be genuine Marseille soap (Savon de Marseille). Part of that process requires that the soap contain a minimum of 72% plant oil, thus the 72% stamp on each bar of soap. 

Because these soaps are French milled (also known has hard milled or triple milled), they are not only mild & sensitive on the skin but are incredibly long lasting.

French women would take their linens to a lavoir, which was a communal wash house. Here they would use their blocks of Savon de Marseille as they were considered to be incredibly pure & gentle on fabrics and skin.  

The olive oil soap is not only good for bathing & hand washing but it can also can be used with a brush to clean dishes.  

Care Recommendations:

Savon de Marseille can be moist & slippery. Allowing it to dry & harden between uses will improve the longevity of the soap. As they dry, sea salt will appear as a fine white powder on the surface of the soap. This characteristic only authenticates genuine Savon de Marseille. 


300g (10.5 ounces)

600g (21 ounces)