August 23, 2022

Style Guide - Summer to Fall

By Sarah E.J. Williams
abstract apple painting

As summer silently transitions to fall, we enter one of my favorite times of year. A time many refer to as the "Indian Summer" - the time between late August and late September when the days are warm but the evenings are beginning to cool, foggy mornings become more frequent, leaves begin to get jewel toned highlights and other telltale signs appear letting us know that Summer is about to perform her grand finale and her sister Autumn will soon take center stage.

This time of year seems to go by so quickly, which means that slowing down and being present in each moment is so important in order to get the most out of each day. One way I've found that is helpful in achieving this is by letting Mother Nature be our guide when it comes to transitioning our homes from season to season. Modern life has caused us to become disconnected from nature, which scientific studies have shown negatively effects our physical and mental health. The more we immerse ourselves in the moment and soak up the goodness each new season brings, the more present we are in our lives and homes.

One of my favorite design books is entitled "Living with Nature: Decorating with the Rhythms of the Seasons." The author does a fabulous job of explaining how we can draw inspiration from the natural world around us and simple ways these ideas can be incorporated into any design. By doing so, we can make our homes and our lives even more beautiful. 

I've put together this style guide that I hope brings you inspiration as we welcome in the days ahead.   

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