August 28, 2023

Lampshade Refresh

By Sarah E.J. Williams
Favorite Lampshades to Refresh a Room

As one season changes to the next, I find myself naturally wanting to edit different aspects of my life, including my home, in order to welcome in the newness of the approaching season and all the good things yet to come. This transition time is a perfect opportunity to give your home a refresh - and I can’t think of a better way to get inspired than by changing things up a bit! 

Autumn is just around the corner which is the official start of what I like to call “lamp season.” Don’t get me wrong - I love lamps all year round but there’s something about the warm glow of a lamp when the days are getting shorter, the air outside is beginning to cool and the leaves are slowly transitioning from one glorious color to another. It’s as if Mother Nature is giving us permission to slow down and get cozy. 

One of the easiest but most often overlooked ways to refresh a space is by adding a lamp or simply changing out the shade. Lamps play a big role in adding ambience to a space by contributing to the mood and personality of the room, as well as the way we experience the space.   

On that note, I thought I would share some of my favorite lampshades that happen to pair nicely with the rattan table lamp bases available at Gray Gables Home and are sure to breathe new life into your home.

~ simple yet bold stripes ~
Tangier Iceberg Stripe Box Pleat Shade by Alice Palmer
This shade comes in several lovely colors
and is great for an understated pop of color. 


~ classic blocked print on pleated silk ~

Red on Pink Pleated Silk Scalloped Shade with Silk Trim by Penny Morrison

The pattern on this shade is gorgeous
and the silk fabric adds to the charm.


~ timeless texture ~

Cane Shade by Matilda Goad

Available in a few different colors, this shade is perfect for
adding texture while also adding a classic element to your space. 


~ enduring wicker pattern on linen ~

 Indigo Wicker Shade by Fermoie

Great for adding a bit of color while still being neutral.


~ inspired by the Japanese kimono ~

Hiromi Suji Tangerine Shade by Shenouk

Perfect for adding a pop of color, this shade adds
some warmth with its beautiful fall inspired color palette.


~ simple linen fabric with a pretty scalloped bottom ~

Fabric Scalloped Shade by Matilda Goad

This shade is perfect when you want the other decor in your space
to take center stage and your lighting to simply add to the overall feel. 


~ pleated linen with feminine scalloped edges ~

Ottilie Shade with Sage Trim by Pattonhouse

This shade comes in 3 different colors that are all equally beautiful. 


~ custom shade using the fabric of your choice ~

Bespoke Pleat Shade by Alice Palmer

This shade can be customized with any fabric of your choice.
Simply select your fabric and mail it in to be custom made. 


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