October 12, 2023

Simple Autumn Wreath

By Sarah E.J. Williams
fern root wreath

Spooky season is upon us, the time of the year where we welcome in a little magic and mystery. When it comes to decor, especially seasonal decor, I prefer an understated look that embraces simplicity and doesn’t scream “holiday.”

On that note, here is a simple DIY wreath that easily transitions from Halloween to autumn.

I used a 15” fern root wreath from Terrain and wrapped in warm white, copper twinkle lights that are battery operated and rated for outdoor use. You could also use these if you want a remote control option. 

fern root wreath 

Fern Root Wreath by Terrain

I also used 2 sizes of pear green velvet ribbon. You’ll need to measure from the top of your door down to the height you want your wreath to hang and then add approximately 12 inches to that measurement to allow extra length for tying. In my case, I cut a piece of  ¾” ribbon to 76”, folded it in half and tied it around the top portion of the wreath in a knot. One side will be used for hanging and the other side will drape behind your wreath so be sure to twist the back ribbon allowing the good side of the velvet to face forward. When finished, the battery pack of the twinkle lights tucks neatly behind the tied ¾” ribbon.

green velvet ribbon

I then cut 2 strips of ⅜” ribbon that attach directly to the top of the door and drape down and around the wreath. They aren’t actually attached to the wreath itself so they can be cut to the length of your choice. You’ll want them to drape below the bottom of the wreath by approximately 12 inches. You can get this measurement by measuring from the top of the door to the top of the wreath then adding 34 inches to that measurement. It’s always best to cut the ribbon a little longer than you think you’ll need then cut off any excess at the end. 

Lastly, a small feathered crow is perched in the center of the wreath for a bit of whimsy. After Halloween, the crow can easily be removed or replaced with a few pinecones and continue to be used thru Thanksgiving and beyond. 

feathered crow


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