April 26, 2023

Best-Loved Coffee Table Books

By Sarah E.J. Williams
coffee table books

Although I love to read, books are for much more than just that. I, like many of you, am such a visual person that flipping through the pages of one of my favorite coffee table books is equally as enthralling. Much like when you were a child with your favorite picture book, coffee table books allow your creativity and imagination to run wild. Not only can their inspiration help you develop your own personal style but they can help you share your style and personality with others.

In this digital age, e-books are becoming more popular - although if you ask me, they will never replace the feeling of perusing the pages of an actual book. Thankfully, coffee table books have an artistic value as they integrate so seamlessly into one's decor and the pages within contain such creative expression.

In addition to being displayed on a coffee table, I also love to incorporate them into other areas of the home by using them to style shelves or add dimension and texture to a vignette. They add an element of personality and look beautiful on a nightstand or dresser, an entry table or opened to a favorite page and displayed on an easel.   

Not only are they fun to collect but they also make great gifts. Here are some of my favorites...  

On Flowers - Lessons from an Accidental Florist by Amy Merrick


Nature’s Palette - A Color Reference System from the Natural World by Andre Karliczek and Patrick Baty


A Garden Eden - Masterpieces of Botanical Illustration by Taschen




BirdNote by Ellen Blackstone


Life in a French Country House by Cordelia de Castellane


At Home in the South by Stephanie Hunt


Petal: A World of Flowers Through the Artist’s Eye by Adriana Picker


William Morris’s Flowers by Rowan Bain


Leonardo: The Complete Drawings by Taschen

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